There are so many exciting ways you can get involved. These children will welcome anything from a fun day out, you providing them their school bags to their prosthetic limbs being funded by you.

You can donate

  • In kind
  • Adopt a child in any one of the areasof his rehabilitation protocol (mobility, education, social integration, vocational training) or cover all areas
  • Donate to the C-arp pool of resources and your donation will be used as and when required

If you want to follow where your donation goes;

  • You can get a monthly update of the progress of the child you have adopted
  • You can meet our children at our fundraising activities
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Follow our progress on face book
  • Send a request through our webpage, face bookpage or contact us and become a friend of C-ARP and you will be updated and be a part of all of C-arp activities

You can get in touch with the C-ARP program manager at the following email address to get more information on how you can donate.