C-ARP is changing the lives of 140 children, by ensuring that all our children have equal opportunity to develop their potential; equal access to mobility, education, support in social integration and vocational training. C-ARP aspires to help these children to grow into self -sufficient adults who can pay for replacements and maintenance of their prostheses themselves by:

Making a Child Mobile

Mobility is the first step towards access to basic rights such as education, healthcare, equal Prosthetic treatment till the age of adulthood (18-20 years) through its partners’rehab centers (CHAL Foundation, PIPOS and ICRC) including:

  • Provision of modular prosthesis throughout the development stage
  • Gait training in order to start walking again with prosthesis
  • Review, repair and replacement throughout the developmental stage

Educating a Child

Facilitating education up to Higher Secondary School, including:

  • Enrollment in nearby local school
  • Provision of educational materials
  • Payment of monthly fee if required
  • Payment of transportation charges if required
  • Follow-up

Integrating a Child in the Community

  • Effective psychosocial assessment and consequent support by clinical psychologists

Facilitating Vocational Training

  • Facilitation of skill development through partner organizations
  • Financial facilitation during the initial training period