Mishi’s Story

7“Would their 11 month old, Mishi ever be able to walk?  Would she be able to go to school? , Will she ever play and be like other children? They could not afford to give all of this to their only child.” These were the thoughts that Mishi’s parents were left with after the dreadful October 2005 earthquake.

Our little angel from Bagh, Mishi took her first step on an artificial limb. Only four days short of her birthday Mishi lost a leg.October 8, the fateful day Mishi’s mother lost not only her loved ones but her only daughter, lost the ability to walk. She could not see a future for her child. Since then in depression she says, “To see Noor and Sami from CARP, (memebers of C-arp, with the same disability ) come out of a big jeep, climb all the way up the mountain in this rugged terrain, to see them so independent and confident , gives me hope”.

“I have only seen amputees as beggars, begging for money and mercy, only to be admonished, I was disappointed with my childs future, CARP has given me hope”, says her father.

Mishi is now a grade 4 student and regularly goes to school. She enjoys playing with her classmates and aspires to become a doctor!


A C-ARP Child,RabiaGul

4A class 7 student in Shaukat Middle Public School, Rabia Gul,is theonly child of her parents, her mother is a housewife and father a peon, who is himself disabled. She loves her school and her friends there. She is a smart, beautiful young girl who aspires to be a doctor.

One of the 140 child amputees registered with C-ARP, Rabia was in school at the time of the October 8,2005 earthquake. She was severely wounded resulting in the amputation of her leg, close to the knee joint.

The calamity turned her world upside down. She could no longer walk and play with her friends or go to school. She was just a useless disabled girl or so she thought! ,Until C-ARP intervened. She received her first prosthesis from C-ARP within two years of amputation and is getting regular prosthetic treatment free of cost. She has used 3 modular prosthesis (artificial limbs). She goes to school regularly and is able to play with her friends.


Nayab Ayaz, Our First Child

5This is Nayab Ayaz of Maira, district Shangla; an area that was devastated by the October, 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. Nayab was 5 at the time.
The journey of C-ARP began with the meeting of Dr. Bakht Sarwar with Nayab at Bisham. He was told about a child whose leg had been amputated as a result of the earthquake and had been taken to Cuba for treatment. Very happy that children were receiving adequate treatment, he arranged to meet with her. Nayab arrived being carried to the meeting place by her father; she had no access to prosthetic limbs or an assistive device.

She had outgrown her leg within a year. It was then that Dr. Sarwar realized that the more than 100 instant amputee children, affected by the earthquake will need a special program to cater to their needs. This was not a one-time provision of prosthetic limbs.

Nayab, and children like her, will on average go through 6 to 8 prosthesis, 50 to 60 repairs and at least 1 surgery until adulthood.  They will also need to be supported in their education, social integration and vocational training. This is how the journey of the Children Amputee Rehabilitation Program (C-ARP) began, and we promise to be there for our children for life.



6Gulfaraz is 14years old now. He lost his mother in the devastating 2005 earthquake when he was only 6. His father was also disabled as a result of the earthquake.

Not only their father but Gulfaraz and his brother also lost limbs due to severe injuries in the earthquake. Both the brothers started living with their only sister who is married, to study and earn.

Since the sister was having problems making ends meet, Gulfaraz moved to a Madrassa and his brother started working as a chowkidar.

After registereing Gulfaraz, CARP has ensured Gulfarazs admission into school. He is a  student of 3rd class in Govt. school. Heis providedwith school books, uniform, admission and school  fee. He has been provided with 3 prosthesis and the 4th one is under process. CARP is regularly following him up.

Gulfaraz is very happy with CARP and the appliances he is provided . He performs his daily activities with  ease, enjoys studying and leads a comfortable life.